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Welcome to Kyabram & surrounding districts.
Our township website offers visitors an up-to-date guide to our vibrant, active town, 'What's Happening' plus 'What There is to See and Do'.
Come and spend a day, a week, or come and live here, and you will be pleasantly surprised.
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Kyabram is located in the centre of a rich irrigation district 200km north of Melbourne. It is a progressive town in the Goulburn Valley situated between Echuca and Shepparton and close to the Murray River.
It is also the largest inland town not on a major highway however due to its location it provides quick and easy access to all the major arterial roads.
Kyabram contains a vibrant shopping & cafe culture in a modern and complete shopping centre.  The commercial and banking facilities provides for a town population of 7,000 and a surrounding district of 16,000.
Kyabram is renowned for its dairy and fruit growing production & processing.  
The town's star attraction is the internationally acclaimed Kyabram Fauna Park.
Kyabram has an extensive events calendar and a wide range of sporting and recreational facilities, including two 18-hole golf courses, Kyabram Parkland (3 par) and Kyabram Valley View.
Distance from Kyabram to other towns/cities*
*Distances from the Victorian Government Live in Victoria website.
Echuca: 42kms    Shepparton: 37kms    Bendigo: 110kms    Melbourne: 200kms

Besides the bustling, active retail & business sector, Kyabram also has 2 very busy industrial estates with businesses servicing the engineering, food production, dairy & fruit industries surrounding Kyabram. Several of these companies also supply machinery and expertise to businesses throughout Australia and internationally.

Kyabram is part of the Campaspe Shire.

"Ky" as it is affectionately known to the locals, prides itself on being a friendly town to enjoy.


Prior to European settlement the area was occupied by the Yota-Yota people.  It is from their language that the word 'Kyabram' is derived, meaning 'thick forest'.
The first squatter took up land here in 1840. The area was opened up to selection in the 1870s, enabling the development of wheat farming and dairying.  Fruit orchards arrived with the first irrigation water in the 1890s.
In 1902 local businessmen initiated an ultimately successful statewide movement to dismiss the newly-elected Peacock government for breach of election promises.
Further subdivision and utilisation of the Goulburn River's water supply proceeded early in the 20th century.
Returning soldiers from World War I intensified the fruit-growing and locals set up a Fruit Preserving Co-Operative in 1922, establishing one of the largest canneries in the Southern Hemisphere.  A factory to supply the tin containers for the canned fruit was established in the 1950s but overseas competition, oversupply, high production costs, the loss of the UK market to the newly-formed EEC in 1973, and declining domestic consumption of tinned fruit saw the Co-op go private and then close in 1983.  Since that time growers have re-oriented themselves to fresh-fruit and export markets. In 1989 the factory reopened, converting produce into jams, conserves and toppings.
Kyabram became a borough in 1954 and a town in 1973.
For further information visit the town website at: kyabramtown.com.au